Missing arrival data on multiple stops served by 331

No arrival feeds for these stops:

Towards Ruislip:

  • Oakside (040000001302)

  • Knighton Way Lane (040000001304)

  • Southlands Road (040000001306)

  • Village Road (040000001310)

  • Tilehouse Lane (040000001312)

  • Denham Station (040000001348)

  • Link Way (040000001316)

Towards Uxbridge:

  • Savay Lane (040000001315)

  • Denham Station (040000001313)

  • Tilehouse Lane (040000001311)

  • Village Road (040000001309)

  • Ronan Way (040000001307)

  • Oxford Gardens (040000001305)

  • Knighton Way Lane (040000001303)

  • Oakside (040000001301)

Oakside and Denham Station are working in the Countdown data feed. I haven’t checked the others…



No arrivals are shown for Oakside and Denham Station in the Unified API Arrivals. Apologies i have categorized this thread incorrectly.


Hello, thank you for reporting this issue and apologies for the delay.

After some investigation this appears to be a bug in the Unified API’s implementation (as opposed to a mapping issue which we might be able to easily fix). This will need to be addressed by one of our development teams, so I have added this to our backlog (#98599).

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Hi @LeonByford,

Thanks for your reply. It is very much appreciated!