Missing Bus Schedules

I have just downloaded some of the Bus Schedules for my local area I have noticed that the 474 only has the Special Monday to Friday file and no other. Also, there is no reference in the 108 files for the Saturday Sunday closure of the Blackwall Tunnel.

this is from the website https://tfl.gov.uk/corporate/publications-and-reports/bus-schedules

Can anyone shed light on the missing files?

Thanks in advance

Glen Turnbull


I’d noticed that too. Unless the same special schedule is operating on all days, which seems unlikely, something has gone wrong. Hopefully it can be corrected in next week’s update.


the 474 files have been provided by TfL in an FOI request I made on the 2nd of March got a response this morning with the files and they said “These will be uploaded onto the TfL website shortly.” I was shocked that they responded so quickly