Missing countdown data on R1 route

A user has reported that every second bus on the R1 route doesn’t appear on countdown at their stop at Cotmandene Crescent stop Q. I have just checked at 15:44 and according to the timestable, there’s a bus supported to be at 15:48, but countdown is only showing the next one due at 16:09. (The 15:48 isn’t showing at all).

I am reporting it on behalf of a user who said this was happening, so I cannot corroborate whether there is in fact a 15:48 running, but I can see that the countdown system isn’t reporting it at all.

EDIT: The 16:09 just disappeared from countdown for that stop - currently it isn’t showing any arrivals which doesn’t correspond with the route frequency at this time of day.

We investigated, but were unable to reproduce the issue. We were getting times in Countdown and these were displaying on the bus website page. It’s obviously tricky in these sorts of instances to find out what actually occurred to cause the issue.
Please can you confirm whether you have heard about any other instances, is it just this this route/or any other routes?