Missing data for new route S2

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There’s no data for route S2 in the Countdown feed, also if you search TfL’s Live Arrivals page for “S2”, the only result you get offered is “Heathrow Terminals 2 & 3”.


LVF Admin

Hi - in terms of the Countdown data, I will speak to the team that looks after that on Monday.

The S2 is in the Stations, Stops & Piers and timetable areas, but the search/indexing cache needs refreshing and I’m in the process of that.

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Update: Search now working

Thanks James.

The 179 is claiming to be going to North Woolwich instead ’ Ilford, Hainault Street’ in the Countdown feed too.


It seems anything that’s going to Ilford, Hainult Street is being changed to North Woolwich such as the the 25 and 425.


Another overnight, the N86 was showing going to Upminster :frowning:.


I am assuming that the problems are now fixed, as London Vehicle Finder is showing the correct destinations (and the S2).

But how on earth does such a mixup of destinations occur in the first place?


These have been manually amended on LVF to the correct destinations

This appears to be resolved now along with 179

Thanks James. TfL still have 174, 497 and N86 going to Upminster instead of ‘Harold Hill, Dagnam Park Square’.


Thanks - we’ve raised the Upminster/Harold Hill issue with the team that looks after iBus & Countdown. Ref INC1067734

Although I believe the 497 is being withdrawn and merged into the 346 on the weekend.

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