Missing data from Journey Planner API



I’m using http://data.tfl.gov.uk/tfl/syndication/feeds/journey-planner-timetables.zip to access your data for your busses, ferry, underground, tramlink, etc. I noticed yesterday, April 26, a new file was uploaded. The file we downloaded before April 26, had these files:

"LULDLRTramRiverCable 11042017.zip",
  "BUSES PART TWO 18042017.zip",
  "BUSES PART ONE 18042017.zip"

, but April 26’s zip file only contained:

      "buses part1 25042017.zip",
      "buses part 2 25042017.zip"

Will you be publishing updates for the other file (LULDLRTramRiverCable) soon as well?

Thank you,


Hi Melinda,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

It was just missed off when we were doing the data upload but I just asked my team to get the LULDLRTramRiverCable file added.

Hopefully it should not take too long.




Thanks, Dave!

I noticed that the LULDLRTramRiverCable file is the same as the one before April 26: "LULDLRTramRiverCable 11042017.zip", so I guess there is no new data for the yet for the Tram, River and Cable routes?

Thanks again for your help!


That’s correct! No new data for those routes.



Ok, thanks for the confirmation, Dave and thanks again for your help! :slight_smile: