Missing London Overground Timetable Info


I’m trying to get the timetable information for London Overground.

If I make the following call I get all the route information:


However, when I try to get timetable information such as the following, I get the error message ‘No valid route found for 910GWCROYDN to 910GHGHI on line: london-overground’:


The same calls work on the tube and dlr transport methods but seemingly not here. Please can anyone assist/advise?

Many thanks

Hi @emvy03


We currently don’t support the dynamic call to timetables for London Overground or TfL Rail modes.

This may be something we make available in the future but for now, I would suggest that you use the DARWIN Timetable function that is available from the Rail Delivery Group.


The 2 operator codes are LO for Overground and XR for TfL Rail.


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Hi James,

Thanks for the rapid reply!

Okay cool - I’ll give that a go. I’m actually using that for something else but didn’t realise London Overground was supported.

Thanks again!!

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You can get the whole of the UK Rail timetable from the FTP connection to the timetable server at NRE


The format is a bit old fashioned!

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