Missing Working Timetable PDFs from download page?

Various new tube timetables came into operation today but are missing from the Working Timetable PDF download page. Specifically some of the the links are only to the “first and last” documents rather than the full timetables. The affected timetables are: WTT 149 District, WTT 340 Metropolitan, WTT 58 Piccadilly and WTT 41 Victoria.

Thanks for pointing this out @pauldias, I’ve raised the issue with our team. SVC-3780

Hi @pauldias

We’ve had some issues with publishing that page on the website, but this has now gone through and that page should be up to date with all the new WTTs.

If there’s anything still amiss, please let me know.

TfL Online Operations

All present and correct now. Thanks!