Mitcham Fair Green stop 92171 gives naptan ref that shows no arrivals

there are 3 Bus Stops with the commonName of “Mitcham Fair Green”, which are fairly new - (a couple of years I think);

sms code 92171 stop “E” 490009949X
sms code 92172 stop “G” 490009949Y
sms code 92173 stop “D” 490009949Z

using the naptan code in

gives arrivals as does

but nothing for

Bus Times app shows arrivals as does the Countdown at the stop.

I’m flummoxed. Whay am i not getting any data for 490009949X ?

Hi @wade

we have found a data error downstream in the buses data system.

This has been rectified but may a few days to replicate to Countdown.


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still nothing as at 20th August 2019

Hi @wade,

Not sure why that’s not still working.

I’ve asked Surface Transport to take another look.