More bus "indicator" problems

I’ve been going though all the London Transport bus stops and I find a lot of stops that claim to have indicators in these forms…

codes count
->E 793
E-bound 29
->N 918
->N1 3
N-bound 31
->NE 41
NE-bound 10
Northbound 2
->NW 47
NW-bound 10
->S 904
->S1 3
S-bound 36
->SE 52
SE-bound 10
Southbound 4
->SW 36
SW-bound 13
->W 823
W-bound 25

But when I look using Google StreetView none of these stops have indicators (big white Johnson Capital Letters on a red circle). So why the overlapping forms of “N-bound” and “->N” when the usable thing here for a person getting a bus is the “towards X” or do people have compasses when catching a bus?

The standard seem to be defined here: