Most bus stops near stations return incorrect lat/lon in /Stoppoint

Example: Stop G, Naptan ID 490001299D

If I get the “big” list of stops I find its lat/lon:


I plot it on a map with


and stop seems to be where I expect it:


But if I ask for the details of this stop using I get different values:


Closer inspection shows that despite specifically asking for 490001299D I’m being given the lat and lon of 910GTURKYST – which is Turkey Street Station, close on half a mile away.


I really think if we ask for details of a stop point such as 490001299D it should return the details of that same stop point, not some other object that isn’t even very close to the stop.

Hi Harry,

As mentioned in another thread, when you ask for a stop point the API returns the topmost parent of that stop and all dependents. You need to drill down, possibly repetitively, through ‘children’ to get the stop you originally requested.

Regards, Nick

Hi @nickp, indeed. That is what is supposed to happen. But see this thread for oodles of examples where this isn’t the case.