"My contactless cards" all seven of it

Here I am at https://contactless.tfl.gov.uk/MyCards and I’ve got ONE Monzo card

and this appears as seven card on the TfL Oyster app…

How is one supposed to work out what is going on?

I’m taking this that if I tap in with my watch and tap out with my phone (because my watch is flat…) I’m going to get at least two “maximum charges” for doing that.

And yes, I phoned 0343 222 1234 (option 2 then 4) and they say they’re having “system problems and call back tomorrow”.

Which will be after I’ve been charged a whole heap of money, of course.

Is there some reason why it’s necessary to give me seven copied of the same card? What with the different reference numbers and how does this legally stand when it comes to daily and weekly capping? Do I miss out?


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hi @briantist - we can’t help too much with queries on your Contactless account as this forum is for Open Data specifically.

There is guidance on using Contactless cards & devices on our website which state the need to use the same card/device combination at tap in/out:


But I have ONE CARD but the system shows the same thing 7 seven times, for no reason I can fathom.

My actual contactless card doesn’t work as contactless (it turns out) so I can’t see how it’s been picked up by the system. I only ever use my Watch or Phone.

  • Always use the same device or contactless card to touch in and out to pay the right fare for your journey. If you don’t, we won’t be able to cap your fares. For example, don’t touch in with an iPhone and touch out with an Apple Watch or contactless card.

I think that the this is unfair, but you’re the government and so you make the rules.

I sympathise but I don’t this is the right place for this. We can’t help with ticketing issues here.


Sorry, indeed.

Any idea where the right place the the technical problem might be?

I guess I have AM to email about the latter…


I have two entries for my card on my TfL account for the same card number.

Don’t you have to know the card number in order to add it to your TfL Contactless/Oyster account? I was under the impression that ‘phone’ based cards couldn’t be registered in the Oyster/Contactless portal due to the nature of them having virtual 16 digit numbers that only the card issuer could link up with the true account? When I view my virtual card on my phone, it only shows the last four digits of the number and they’re not the same as my physical card.


Yes, I know my card number, of course. I added it in once and it now appears seven times. Similar things have happened to some of my other cards…

And yes, TfL charge that card in a single transaction for each day,

which rather makes a mockery of the "Always use the same device or contactless card to [touch in and out]to pay the right fare for your journey. If you don’t, we won’t be able to cap your fares. IMHO.

The other cards include…

@briantist I messaged you privately.