NapTAN code for Brent Cross West

I’m trying to prepare for adding the 50-odd new stations to my fare finder next month. I have all the data for the existing NR stations getting contactless PAYG. I’m struggling to find the NapTAN code for the brand new station at Brent Cross West which is due to open soon as well. The government database doesn’t seem to have any recent station openings, let alone ones which haven’t yet opened. Can anyone suggest where to look for this?


Hello, thank you for your message.

We have asked the NaPTAN team to add Brent Cross West to their dataset, as this is something we also require. We do not have any control over railway stations in NaPTAN, so this needs to be done by the NaPTAN team. If you need to contact them, please see their website.

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Thanks Leon. I’ve pinged over a request given that the opening day has now been announced.