Naptan codes anywhere?


Seeing as many of the feeds use them is there a list of all underground stations with their naptan codes available?



I looked there but couldn’t find any Underground stations.


grep “Tooting Broadway Underground Station” Stops.csv

gives me one row back :-

“4900ZZLUTBY1”,"","","",“Tooting Broadway Underground Station”,"","","","—","","—","","–","",“Entrance 1”,"","",“N0077726”,“Tooting Broadway”,“London”,"","","","","",“0”,“U”,527454,171472,-0.1680882070,51.4279315245,“TMU”,"","","","","",“082”,“2016-01-22T11:07:05”,“2017-06-12T10:20:01”,1,“rev”,“act”


Hi Ryan,

would calling give you what you need?


Nope that returns 1683 objects. What he’s looking for (so am I) is just a list of stations that are being served by all these following: tube, overground, dlr, tram and tfl-rail. So all we want is an endpoint where we can get the list of unique stations served by the above modes. For example West Ham stations should be returning West Ham station once, not three times (multiple times on above endpoint as a child, different entrance and for different modes) for DLR, Tube and TfL rail. To re-iterate, all I want is a list of unique stations served by “tube, overground, tram, dlr, and tfl-rail” possible? Please?