No arrivals for bus W8

A great number of users of my app is complaining about the bus W8 not showing arrivals.
It is missing from the TfL website too.
Can you have a look a it please ?


I made an enquiry about this route about 10 days ago.

Have a read of the response.

Problem with /Line/W8/Route

oh I hadn’t seen that. Anyway @jamesevans what’s the progress on this ? Could I know why it takes so long for small variation like this to go on production ?

Thank you


What information are you providing for your app…is it arrival times?


Currently we have to build the reference data for the API as one dataset and not as individual increments to the data. This is why we have to do a weekly refresh of the data. In the last week, we have not managed to do this, firstly due to an incident regarding DfT NaPTAN data and secondly an issue on our side which would have caused the Circle and H&C lines to go missing.

@neamanshafiq is currently investigating the Circle/H&C issue and is hoping to resolve this soon.

In the longer term, we are looking at options to improve the data build so that it is no longer the monolithic task it is at the moment.


Thank you @jamesevans


Thanks for the update and I understand your daily operational challenges and odd curve balls that will come along!

Good luck with implementing the improve data build.


The W8 information is now available.

Thanks @jamesevans

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good news, thank you.

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