No data for Variable Message Signs?


I’m new to TfL Open Data and so apologies if I have overlooked something.

I have pulled the data for traffic cameras from the Places endpoint but when I try and pull variable message data, I am just getting an empty array.

I have tried a few times over the past couple of days just in case it is a transient problem.

I am pulling from this URL:

I am uncertain whether this is just an output when there is data and the empty array signifies that no messages are active but I find this unlikely. The sample data implies that signs with no current messages are included but with an empty value.

So, in essence, am I missing somethign stupid or is there a system issue?

Many thanks

Welcome @mark-street

I does look like the feed is resting. :slight_smile: Let’s ping @jamesevans as there should be data on that API.

Any info on this from TfL please?

Hi Mark, we appear to be having some issues with the Variable Message Sign data from Unified API. This will be prioritised against other priorities and fixed as soon as possible. I’ll post any updates on this thread.

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