No Journey Planner data releases on Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 February

Hi All,

Due to an upgrade to Journey Planner, there will be no data releases for new data on Monday 27, Tuesday 28 February or Wednesday 1 March, with the next release not being until Thursday 2 March.In addition the TxC upload will be delayed until Wednesday 1 March,.

Service Analyst Journey Planner
( cc @GerardButler )


Is this why I’m getting a “no response from server” error when I try a Journey Planner call via TfL Unified API? (See below for response and Request url attempted). I made my account Monday, so haven’t explored much yet.

Is this also why I get a “no response from server” message when I check on

RESPONSE BODY: no content
RESPONSE HEADERS: “error”: “no response from server”

Request url:…{key deleted}…

hi @pk_traveller - welcome

I think I’ve spotted your issue - the domain you’ve used is not a public-facing domain and locked down. Please use as the domain.

You also have a date from last year which would give you back a 400 Bad Request HTTP response code. I made the change to today’s date in your call which is now successful:

That’s really helpful, James. Thank you. When making calls in Postman or through vba (the tool I have to use, whether I like it or not) I am now able to get very useful responses.
I still can’t get anything via the Swagger UI- I don’t know whether there’s an issue with the platform, or whether I’m just not using it correctly. In either case, I can now get the info I require, so I’m very grateful for your help.

hi @pk_traveller - I would suggest grabbing the OpenAPI definitions from the rather than the old swagger (which we will decommission at some point!)