No Live River Bus Data

The following aren’t working with or without my keys.


@LeonByford / @jamesevans any news on this please?

Hi the issue appears with the supplier of the predictions systems. The RB6 is now returning predicitons, but other routes aren’t. The Woolwich Ferry & Thames River Services do not provide arrivals, only Thames Clipper routes.

We have raised it with them and are awaiting their update.


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@jamesevans Thanks for the update.

I can’t say that I can see anything on at the moment, however.

Last update times (gmt) and length got for the rb services.



I’m now seeing RB6 data again, which is great!

We’ve had confirmation that this is now fully restored.

Many thanks,

Sorry, but bot quite. rb2 and rb4 are empty data still…


Woolwich Ferry is suspended until early September anyway! :smiley:

@jamesevans I’m now seeing RB2 and RB4!


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Sorry to be a pain, but the RB feeds seem to be down again as well as the tram.

linename length last_update
rb1 2 today 15:43:02
rb2 2 today 15:43:02
rb4 2 today 15:43:02
rb6 2 today 15:43:02
tram 2 today 15:43:02

Hi @briantist - we raised the issue with the predictions for London Trams yesterday with the operator. This appears to have been fixed this morning following a database reboot. We’ll keep an eye on the levels and let you know if any further issues.

In terms of river bus arrivals, these seem to have been restored too. I’m not sure what the issue is here, but I have noticed in the past, very short expiry times for the predictions from the source system. We will try to capture more data when we see levels drop and work out what to do next.


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