Non-working TfL displays


Yesterday when I was out I found not ONE single working TfL live Bus display!

  • The “bus station” plasma screen at, for example, Stratford City Bus Station had a http-style error.
  • The “countdown” LED displays were non functional everywhere I looked. The one at Leyton Station southbound looked totally dead (for example). One of the others seemed to be “offline” with perhaps a single pixel illuminated.
  • Every single in-station toilet was locked shut -
  • Half of the £634 million Farringdon Liz Line station entry gates were broken with an single A4 apologising. Does TfL even know?

Who might I report this to as public spirited member of the public?

Hi @briantist

I’d suggest raising the issues with the relevant detail about locations etc on the following forms.

Contact us about Buses - Transport for London for bus stop/station issues
Contact us - Tube, Overground, DLR, Trams, Elizabeth line and stations - Transport for London for the LU/Elizabeth line station issues


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