Ongar distances

Is there a data feed that gives the distances from Ongar for each station? They appear in the Quail maps but I’ve got some suspicions about some of the numbers. I’ve put in a FoI request but if it’s already available then that’s overkill.


From memory this is quite useful…


There is also this which I have in my collection

Thanks for both of these. They’re both nice, but the first only has distances for a few locations and the second is only to one decimal place instead of the usual 2. I suppose I’ll have to wait for the FoI request.

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I guess that the resolution of 100m isn’t that different from the National Rail usage of chains (20m) in etc

I would be interested to see the result of the FoI!

Ah, but a chain is more like 10m than 100m.

What’s got me started on this is looking at the line from Queen’s Park to Harrow & Wealdstone. I’ve got five sources: distances in the Working Timetable, Quail volume 5 plans of the Bakerloo, the map at, the Network Rail Sectional Appendix for ELR CWG, converted to metres, and measurements taken on Google Maps.

For all the pairs of stations in that section the sources are within 30 metres of each other. However, for Wembley Central to North Wembley I get huge variations: 1.27 km in the WTT, 1.59 km (58.64 to 60.23) in Quail and RailwayCodes, 1.21 km (8m09c to 8m69c) from the Sectional, and 1.26 km on Google Maps. I’m also suspicious of that 8m09c figure, since Wembley Central is 8m04c on ELR LEC and Harrow & Wealdstone is the same on both; I suspect that the mileages are different because of the way that CWG/Bakerloo swings round the depot. Using 8m04c gives me 1.31 km instead.

If there’s a discrepancy here, where else might there be one? This is why I’d like a definitive answer.