Open data email updates

Hi everyone,

I’m wondering if it would be helpful if I set up a live updates mailing list for our open data, to compliment the weekly Journey Planner newsletter.

This would include things like:

  • Info not currently captured in open data e.g. foot tunnel closures
  • Any additional timetable uploads on top of the regular Tuesday upload
  • Any problems we may have with the data

I couldn’t promise to capture everything, but would share the key things I’m aware of. These would work better as a mailing list than Tech Forum posts because they would just be brief updates, generally not requiring much discussion, and this will save space on the Forum for the key issues you’re raising.

If this would be useful, please comment or send me a message, and include an email address if you would like the updates. I will trial this for a few weeks, then seek feedback.


That seems like a good idea, particularly if it is two-way, that is users can notify you of issues you may not (yet) be aware of. It is the absence of any alternative channel that means I have to post on here. I suppose the issue is where to draw the line between Forum and the proposed updates. Where would these examples fir, for example?

Examples:- JP and bus WTTs - updates not made (or made and overwritten)
Bus WTTs - the reappearance of dead files (not thought to be a recurring issue now but still a handful routes are wrong)
Spider maps - the absence of many maps altogether (anything for Wandsworth?) and the divergence between what the website holds and what the Data Bucket says it holds.

This last one may well belong on this Forum as it appears to be something to do with two different data flows instead of one but for all I know there may also be policy decisions about the future of spider maps which have caused some to be withdrawn. It is not just one problem, I think.

I should also bung in the difficulty of knowing which bus WTT is supposed to operate on which days. This is usually most acute around Christmas but the current Covid-19 crisis beats Christmas into a cocked hat. Understandable as the priority must be to make the services run any which way you can; I think all users appreciate that their concerns look rather parochial at the moment.

Struggling a bit as to how to send you my e-mail without it being visible to all, not that viagra salespersons probably frequent this forum much.


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