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I’m trying to collate information on what stock trains run on the Overground as of current or foreseeable future. Appreciating there’s info on this online scattered around but with the delays around the introduction of the Class 710 trains they (the info that is) are unreliable.
So can someone please confirm/amend/comment on my “thoughts” being right or wrong?

Subline Stock Comment
Chingford Line 315/710 710s-Only from [???]
East London Line 378 378s till 2021+
Enfield & Cheshunt Line 315/710 710s-Only from [???]
GOBLIN 710 710 only as of 05/2020
North London Line 378 378s till 2021+
Romford-Upminster 315/710 710 from when?
South London Line 378 378s till 2021+
Watford DC Line 378/710 710s-Only from ~June?
West London Line 378 378s till 2021+

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The Gospel Oak to Barking line had the new trains on 23 May 2019

The main overground sections details of new trains are in this article - https://www.londonreconnections.com/2017/trains-london-overground-bargain-never-repeated/

There is a problem with new trains being brought into service at the moment, the CV19 restrictions means driver training can’t take place because trainers and drivers can’t be in the same cab at the same time…

Oh yes, of course there is always the BGORUG

Thanks :slight_smile: – that said, sadly some of that info is relatively outdated. The introduction of the 710s was delayed considerably and most articles online are from the time of the LR post (which is a great site btw, love their articles.)

I realised my information on the OG network is both outdated and is missing bits and bobs. I last collected info on the stations when all lines were 378 class (exc Goblin) and all trains were 4 car length, so I need to redo my rounds and add the Lea Valley lines to my database altogether. It would save me a lot of time not waiting for the class 315 trains if they will be scrapped in a month or two but I will need to do them if they’ll be around for long.

There is also this FOI that has details too

I’m very found of LR too, they have the highest standards of fact checking!

There was a short period where there were some shortened 378 trains on Romford to Upminster. There was a few forlorn units siting just outside Willesden Junction station. This was because the old diesel trains had gone off lease and the new trains weren’t certified for use. They were only there for a very short time.

The new trains for the Lea Valley lines are going to be 8 cars long (longer trains, bigger intervals) so it might be their are awaiting regulatory approval in this formation.

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London Underground Railway Society also covers Overground and someone there probably knows though there may be the thorny little question of a membership fee. A quick trawl also uncovered “District Dave”'s site. I’m just thinking that enthusiast sites are usually very quick to pick up on changes of this nature.

Thanks, I’ll register there. They seem to have a relevant topic.

I find that District Dave, as a all-comer blog is a bit hit-and-miss for actual facts, rather than well meaning crayonista.

You could, of course, just contact Arriva Rail London, they’re really nice people and ask them about the trains they run and look after!


Crayonista? Like it. Personally, if I wanted to have reliable info badly enough I would stump up whatever the sub is for an enthusiasts’ group. You do see stuff posted on forums but I suspect that it is rather less likely to be comprehensive and/or correct.

There are some quite useful references online. I would say that https://www.davros.org/rail/culg is about 99% accurate.

If you’re after disused station data, there is http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/ which seems to be almost 100% accurate.

The National Electronic Sectional Appendix - Network Rail
should really be 100.000% right. They are a bit unwieldy to use, however.

Whereas sometimes the official stuff is way-out. https://www.nationalrail.co.uk/stations-and-destinations/stations-made-easy/stratford-london-station-plan lower plan is quite wrong (no platform 4, it’s 4a and 4b, upper concourse connects 4a/4b to 3a only not 3/5)

People enthusiasm isn’t always matched by their accuracy.

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