Oyster Card Data

I am a lecturer/researcher at Edinburgh Napier University, I have a particular interest in computer science/AI applied to public transport problems. I would be very interested in having a look at a dataset that would show the actual use of cards through the system, i.e. individual “tap” events, which would allow you to reconstruct where an specific (anonymized) passenger had been. Such a dataset would be useful for a number of possible projects such as optimizing service patterns to reduce the number changes and also to allow data to be “replayed” to assess the impact of changes (e.g. a timetable is re-cast, and the the days journeys are re-played to see how it affected journey times).

I’ve seen the tap in/out data from Oct 2015 which gives some of the story. There are some references (and dead links) to a 2008 dataset which sounds like it might have been the dataset I’m looking for.

Can anyone assist?

One option would be to take the 2015 data and “reconstruct” a set of journeys based on the o/d pairs given, this would give a plausible data set for the actual passage of passengers through the network.

Best Wishes,

Neil Urquhart,
School of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment,
Edinburgh Napier University