Patchy Countdown API ETA data?

Hi @jamesevans and team,

As I write this there seems to be a problem with the Countdown API not returning a full set of data when querying an ETA for a vehicle.

For example, Arriva’s LJ11AEN is on the 123 to “Ilford, Hainault Street” and next stop is listed as “55058 - Bromley Road” at 20:13, the rest of the data is just the following:

Query = “RegistrationNumber=LJ11AEN&returnlist=lineID,linename,stopcode1,stopcode2,stoppointname,registrationnumber,destinationname,estimatedtime”

[1,“Bromley Road”,“55058”,“490014163E”,“123”,“123”,“Ilford, Hainault Street”,“LJ11AEN”,1698696801000]
[1,“King Edward Road”,“76331”,“490008740E”,“123”,“123”,“Ilford, Hainault Street”,“LJ11AEN”,1698696446000]
[1,“Gants Hill Station / Woodford Avenue”,“53140”,“490000085A”,“123”,“123”,“Ilford, Hainault Street”,“LJ11AEN”,1698697934000]

For Abellio 8338 YX11AHL on the P13, all we’re getting is:

|20:14 | 47018 | East Dulwich Station|
|20:22 | 72377 | Dunstans Road|
|20:38 | 47660 | Christchurch Road/Hillside Road|

It seems to be a system wide issue?


Hi Simon,

Checking our logs, there seems to have been a significant drop in predictions returned by Countdown from 19:00 last night. I don’t know what the cause of this was, but normal service was restored by 20:40 and you should now be seeing normal levels of predictions.