Postman scripts not working

Have all the API endpoints in the Postman scripts been deprecated?
They all ask for App_ID and App_Key which I don’t have (I only have Primary and Secondary keys). And when I remove the need for the app keys I just get 404 responses.

Yes from a few months ago, app_id values are deprecated and are no longer necessary (the API simply ignores them). The primary and secondary keys are both API keys (pass this with app_key). The reason there are two is because you can use them for different apps, and if you need to revoke one key the other will continue working.

Thanks. I think you meant to say app_key for the primary key (As per your other post).
I’ve got the key working now.

My goal is to get a list of bus stops based on location, then fetch live arrival/departure times for a single bus stop and preferably bus location data.

I’m trying to get a list of bus stops using:,NaptanBusWayPoint&radius=1000&modes=bus&app_key={{app_key}}

but it returns 0. Am I using the correct stopTypes?

Ah yes I did indeed mean app_key, I’ve edited my message to reflect that.

I’ve switched the stopTypes to NaptanPublicBusCoachTram and it seems to be working.

You can then take the naptanId value from each bus StopPoint object and pass it to{naptanId}/Arrivals to get their arrivals.

You can get a full list of all the other stop types at if need be.

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Do you know how far ahead the /StopPoint/{naptanId}/Arrivals endpoint looks? Initial testing suggests 30 minutes, or is it just any bus that is currently live/in transit?

Can we please ask @jamesevans to google “ App_ID” and remove the references to the unneeded element in the docs please?

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I’m pretty sure arrivals only include vehicles currently in transit.
For example at tube stations just after the first station (for example Wimbledon Park, just after Wimbledon), trains only appear in arrivals after they have left Wimbledon, so the departure boards at the station are often blank - though I’m not 100% sure if the bus system is exactly the same.

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Ok, thanks. I can work with this for now. I might cross reference with the schedule a bit later.
One final thing I need. Is it possible to get the actually location of a bus? I noticed StopPoint/{atco}/Arrivals has a currentLocation field in the response but it is always empty.
Is this just for certain buses? Will some have a valid currentLocation?

The location buses is currently not available through the API, here’s another thread that discussed this in more detail:

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