Problem with info on Google Maps


As I was planning my journey today on the buses on Google Maps on my computer, the bus stop-pages now have a motif of a bus in front of all the route numbers, which makes it impossible to see what route number it is. I’ve attached a couple of screenshots to show it. I don’t know if this is the right place to report this issue, but I thought it might be, because Google receives the data from TfL.

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Welcome @mikkel

The best thing to do here is press the hamburger menu, then pick “Edit the map”

Then use the appropriate menu option


Google pulls info from TfL, it’s up to users (I’m a Level 8 Guide!) to fix the problems…

Thanks for replying. I’ve been trying to see which of the menu options you suggested might help, but unfortunately none of them have a tool to edit the motifs of the buses:)


There’s always the “shake to report” on their Android app.

Oh, you have to enable it first. Here’s me shaking my phone and nothing is happening

Tweeting (or is it now X’ing?) @GoogleMaps gets a response…


Hi, I’m new here.

I also noticed the same problem.

London (TFL) 3 digits bus line names will be displayed as first digit and 3 dots.

For example Bus 119 - > 1…

But 2 digits bus lines are OK. So 54 is displayed as 54.

This is happening when using Google maps on PC in web browser. This can be Windows or Linux computer and any web browser like Edge, Chrome, Opera or Firefix etc. The problem exist.

But when use Android device and open Google maps in web browser then is OK.

What is more interesting is that some places in UK are affected with this problem and some not.

London (TFL) the problem exist. But 3 digits bus line in Bristol are OK.

Now Germany.

Berlin have the same problem as London.

But Munich don’t have this problem.

I think that it depends from what system each city is using and the problem exist on the line transport company - > google.

I did raise this issue with the Google Maps team via Twitter and their response was “We understand your concern. Thanks for the feedback, we really appreciate it! We will pass it on to the right team”.

Maybe it’ll get fixed!

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I tried to report it to Google help desk but they are useless. Wasted 1 hour time on their chat.

But did the same on X (Twitter) hope that this will help more.

What is interesting problem appear in some places in Europe. London and Berlin have this problem.

But Bristol and Munich not.

Looks like TFL is using the same software as Berlin or at least the same data format.

Also if you check non TFL buses in London area they will be also displayed correctly.

I know, Google couldn’t care less, they probably won’t fix the issue. I did too report the problem to google and tweeted them(or “X”-ed them lol), when I first raised the issue on this platform. But since that is well over half a month ago, nothing has happened yet.

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The question is why some places have this problem… like TFL London or Berlin.

But some places don’t like Bristol or Munich.

As mentioned earlier… probably it depends from the system of public transport data export to google.

It is not 100% Google related problem.

Some places in one country will have this problem and other not. Probably it is export data format related.

Also this is fresh problems… maybe a few weeks old.

Hi. Just to say that this is not related to the way we provide data to Google, nor is it something TfL can resolve.

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Thank you for answer.

Do you know where is the problem or what is causing it?

After doing some research only TFL London (non TFL buses are OK) and Berlin have the problem with 3 digits bus lines.

I did check many places in Europe and they are OK.

So this is weird why only London and Berlin have this problem.

Sorry, I don’t wish to dodge your question, but it’s not really my place to comment on non-TfL applications.

This is not a data issue, and can only be addressed by Google.

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Fair enough. Thank you.


Problem is now solved. For London and Berlin.


Oddly enough I had a similar problem myself yesterday…

You can try clearing your browser cache and cookies or using a different web browser to resolve the issue with the bus stop-pages on Google Maps location info.