Problems with /Line/Route/Sequence 1/1/2022-30/6/2022

Result of update dated 23/2/2022:

Lines duplicated: H12, N277, W11

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Result of update dated 28/2/2022:

Lines duplicated: H12, N277, W11

For avoidance of doubt, giving that I’ve been running these threads for some years, what I’m objecting to is not the existence of multiple routes for a given line, but the fact that they have the same branchId, making a nonsense of the links provided by nextBranchIds and prevBranchIds

Result of update dated 3/3/2022:

Line restored: H12
Lines duplicated: N277, W11

Hi @nickp

We have a data fix for N277 and W11 - it seems there were some old schedules still in the production system. I’m hoping for a clean report this week once we have released that data.



Result of update dated 9/3/2022:

Lines restored N277, W11

Hallelujah, outstanding problems: none!

(Rolls up sleeves) Now to revisit some of the other issues that are still outstanding - anybody up for a session on routeSection llinkages?

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Does fixing the stopsequences error in route 97 (reported by @briantist but still very obviously wrong) come into that category?

See Buses that disappear from predictions API - #3 by harry but ignore (for your purposes) that the predictions themselves are total nonsense too.

There’s a missing stop in the 339 I saw yesterday. It stops at the new school in the QEOP, the Bobby Moore Academy, but it isn’t on the timetable.

@jamesevans Can you roll this Bobby Moore Academy issue into Buses that disappear from predictions API - #9 by jamesevans ?

Hi @briantist

I think this would be different to that issue. The stop pair in question are temporary stops. I’m speaking to my colleagues in the Journey Planner team to determine how we handle this. The stops are not in the source data, so if we do get them into our dataset, there won’t be any predictions.

I’ll try to keep you up to date on this.


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Thanks. I suppose there is always a question of quite how “temporary” is!

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It was too good to last.

Result of update dated 22/3/2022:

Line deleted: 13

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That was quick

Result of update dated 23/3/2022:

Line restored: 13

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Off we go again.

Result of update dated 12/4/2022:

Lines duplicated: W15, W16, W19

Result of update dated 21/4/22:

Lines duplicated: W15, W18, W19

Also I note that the dreaded 503 errors are back with us again (300+ in the 1st pass)

We had an issue with our release and rolled back. We’re going to be trying again shortly with no/fewer 503s this time!

@nickp - our re-release was successful on Friday. In terms of the W15, W16 & W19, there are temporary timetables that overlay the base timetable. These have been put in for a diversion for utilities works around Leytonstone station / Fairlop Road. We have been informed that these should finish in May, although we don’t have a solid date on that. Once the diversion is removed, we will return to having a single timetable and the duplication will go in the subsequent data release.


@jamesevans , thanks for that. I have no problem at all with multiple timetables, it’s the fact that you are reusing the same branchId for more than one segment. This becomes particularly aggravating when the branches have nextBranchIds and/or prevBranchIds, when it becomes difficult/impossible to work out which link is supposed to go where. This is further complicated by the fact that some branches are missing, so that you can have next/prev links to non-existent branches in one set that may exist in another set. See practically every /Line/Route/Sequence for a rail line, together with any bus route that loops or splits and rejoins, for copious examples

Thanks, I understand the issue. Just wanted to update on the situation. I need to revisit this with the dev team once our work on Elizabeth Line is over to see if there’s a way of handling this better.

Result of update dated 25/4/2022:

Line restored: W15
Lines duplicated: W16 (my typo last week), W19

The error 503 problem has indeed been resolved, as @jamesevans said

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Result of update dated 26/4/2022:

Lines duplicated: W14, W16, W19

Also W15/outbound has stops 490009139B (Leytonstone Stn / Grove Green Road) and 490016503Y (Gainsborough Road) in the wrong order