Problems with /Line/Route/Sequence 1/1/2023 to 30/6/2023

Hi Nick,

It looks like the 281 was accidentally deactivated, I have restored this now and this will be live in the next upload.

Matthew ( cc @GerardButler )

Hi @nickp

We’ve got a datafix being promoted as we speak. This should restore the 281 while @MScanlon 's team release the source data.


This fix is now live.

Thanks @jamesevans , @MScanlon , and so:

Result of update dated 26/5/2023:

Line restored: 281
Line duplicated: EL3

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Result of update dated 31/5/2023:

Lines duplicated: EL3, W7

Result of update dated 13/6/2023:

(no update last week)

Lines restored: EL3, N1 (was duplicated), W7
Line deleted: Thames River Services (Tfl web site pages also affected)

Result of update dated 21/6/2023:

Lines duplicated: EL3, W3
Line deleted: Thames River Service

Result of update dated 27/6/2023:

Line restored: Thames River Services
Lines duplicated: EL3, W3
Line N15 split into stopping/non-stopping sections, both directions

hi @nickp

The N15 issue has been identified and a fixed version will be in next week’s data build.

EL3 & W3 are due to temporary timetables that expire on 21 July & 1 July respectively.


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