Problems with /Line/Route/Sequence 1/7/2023 to 31/12/2023

New thread, following on from Problems with /Line/Route/Sequence 1/1/2023 to 30/6/2023.
Thread split to keep the size manageable

Result of update dated 4/7/2023:

Lines restored: N15, W3
Line duplicated: EL3 (yes, I saw your reply, @jamesevans , but you’ve still got duplicate branchIds)

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Hi. This is an intimidating thread to chip in on, but can I ask you to look at the route sequences for the E1 and the E11. They both should extend to Greenford Broadway, but neither of them get past Clifton Road.

Hi @grahamwell
It’s not intended to be intimidating at all. Mostly it’s just me spotting structural problems as a result of the weekly update, rather than routing errors
As there are route changes pretty well every week it’s not always obvious when the change is actually an error.
As it goes, I think you are spot on about both the E1 and E11, suggest @jamesevans might have a look.
Please feel free to post anything else you spot - this a community effort to discuss and sort out problems
Best, Nick

Hi, this is rather puzzling to me. I’m not familiar with E1 and E11, but all the data I can find suggests that although the destination text says “Greenford Broadway”, the final stop really is Clifton Road.

I found the following, which might explain it:

Note that the incorrect destination of “Greenford Broadway” (the next stop, which the route does not serve), as specified under the previous contract, has now been corrected to the usual local name of Greenford Red Lion – although ironically the Red Lion pub, from which the junction takes its name, has recently been closed! The stops themselves go under the very obscure name of “Clifton Road”, a side road nearby, which must cause some bemusement to passengers expecting to be told they have now arrived in Greenford. Given that qualifying points are only used sparingly, and that there is only one terminus in Greenford, it is a bit surprising that a display of plain “Greenford” is not used. Perhaps it is to avoid confusion with Greenford Station (which is not in Greenford).

My apologies @LeonByford, I was misreading the data on E1/E11.

Also, result of update dated 11/7/2023:

Line duplicated: EL3

My apologies too. Clifton Road pretty much is Greenford Broadway by the looks of it.

Result of update dated 19/7/2023:

Line deleted: 93
Line duplicated: EL3

Hi @nickp

The 93 seems to have an issue with not having a valid schedule covering it today in our data. This should reappear like magic tomorrow.


Thanks, @jamesevans, line 93 is indeed back in the list. I note however, that the modification date-time for the line has not changed: this rather makes me question the point of having it there in the first place

Result of update dated 20/7/2023:
(some actual changes, not sure whether this was a result of my previous comment…)
I also note, as reported in other threads, a much higher number of failures, my first pass had 331 retryable errors, out of 1800 or so

Line duplicated: EL3

(Belated) result of update dated 25/7/2023:

Line restored: EL3
Line deleted: N279

A couple of things noted in passing.
The Tram /line/route (for the Croydon Trams) does not have any entry for Reeves Corner. This just seems to be missing.

The 331 /line/route has been updated and it’s hard to follow. There are three stop points show that are incorrect - Roker Park Avenue and Warren Road are nowhere near the 331 route. The Furrows looks as though it could be … almost, but it just isn’t, it would require the bus pulling a 180.

The new 331 line/route is just weird. There are four linestring sequences, two of which seem to be duplicates and there are four (but not matching) ordered stop point sequences, two of which describe a weird partial route from Uxbridge to Denham

Hi Graham, there are currently roadworks on the route 331 with the bus operating on Diversion with a shuttle service between Denham and Uxbridge, details are currently available on the route 331 timetable page on the TfL website.

Reeves Corner is in the current data for both the current timetable and the engineering works timetable from Friday 4th August, what journey are you testing this with? As Reeves Corner is only served in one direction from Wimbledon in the direction of East Croydon.


I went and had a look. These are boss level roadworks!

No updates since 25/7. I’m guessing that the update bunnies are on their summer hols. Shouldn’t this process be automated by now?

Hi @nickp - we’ve actually been having issues with our deployment pipeline. We’re working hard to fix this and we’ll get a refreshed dataset out as soon as we can.


@nickp - we managed to release last week’s dataset to the API today. We won’t be able to do this week’s dataset due to ULEZ and other issues, but we hope to get next week’s dataset build and deployed as usual and back into the normal weekly swing of things.


Thank you @jamesevans , and so,

Result of update dated 21/8/2023:

Line restored: N279
Lines duplicated: B15, C3, N11, N25, N28, N55


Result of update dated 29/8/2023:

Lines restored: B15, N11, N25, N55
Line duplicated: N28

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