Problems with /Line/Timetable

Here are some intial problems I have found with this set of calls. I am using /Line/Route (no parameters) to generate a list of line/originating stop/direction entries and then iterating through that set.

First off, a repeat of a comment that’s been made elsewhere in the forum. The optional direction parameter is necessary for disambiguation in a number of cases but is totally undocumented in Swagger.

Next, all rail-related calls (including london-overground and tfl-rail) return a set where the stations and stops sections are populated, but the timetable section isn’t. The statusErrorMessage for all of these is ‘The stop you selected has now been removed from the route, and therefore we cannot show you a timetable. The route page will be updated shortly to reflect these changes.’

The same problem occurs with the following bus routes:

  • 75/490001177Z/outbound
  • 75/490006706C13/inbound
  • 434/40004410113A/inbound
  • e11/490007441H/outbound

There are two rail sections that fail ‘HTTP error 400 Bad Request’, these are:

  • cross-country/0000BRSTLTM1/inbound
  • south-western-railway/0000BKNHRST1/outbound
    It looks to me as if you are including the TIPLOC suffix as part of the code and then failing to translate it to a NAPTAN code.

The following entries fail ‘HTTP error 500 Internal Server Error’:

  • 139/490000087GF/outbound
  • e1/490007441H/outbound
  • n53/490019475P/inbound
  • r7/490005081Z/outbound

There are also a number of entries where the originator, derived from /Line/Route does not match the departureStopId in the timetable, these are:

  • 24/490015832E/outbound departure stop 490011003E does not match originator
  • 40/490006232W1/outbound departure stop 490015428N does not match originator
  • 108/490018554E1/outbound departure stop 490018554E does not match originator
  • 134/490000252E/inbound departure stop 490000252X does not match originator
  • 162/490001018A/outbound departure stop 490015222D does not match originator
  • 221/490015287E/outbound departure stop 490000070A does not match originator
  • 223/490000256/inbound departure stop 490000256F does not match originator
  • 240/490015287E/inbound departure stop 490000070A does not match originator
  • 241/490013802W/inbound departure stop 490003750M does not match originator
  • 294/490007917E/outbound departure stop 490007917W does not match originator
  • 371/490018720S/outbound departure stop 490018720W does not match originator
  • 404/490005640G/outbound departure stop 490005637C does not match originator
  • 474/490013802W/outbound departure stop 490003750M does not match originator
  • 483/490015231T/outbound departure stop 490015230P does not match originator
  • b12/490012799E/inbound departure stop 490012799W does not match originator
  • k1/490007205S/inbound departure stop 490007205N does not match originator
  • n83/490015231T/inbound departure stop 490015230P does not match originator
  • n97/490013767X/inbound departure stop 490013767S does not match originator
  • r5/490007494PA/inbound departure stop 490007494DC does not match originator
  • r10/490007494PA/inbound departure stop 490007494DC does not match originator
    In most cases the departure stop is the second stop shown in the corresponding /Line/Route/Sequence call (4th in the case of lines 223 & 404 and considerably later for lines B12, R5 & R10). In all cases this appears to be caused by the route having a subsequent stop in the same NAPTAN group

All these comments are based on the update dated 8/8/2019

Result of update dated 14/8/2019:

No timetable: all rail, 75, 434 as before, e11 fixed, 197/490015223C10/inbound added
Error 400: as before
Error 500: all fixed
Mismatched departure stop: as before

Additionally, hereast-shuttle/490001338Z/outbound has stations, stops and schedules, but no stationIntervals. The intervalId for all knownJourneys is -1.