Rail Replacement Buses in /Line/Route/Sequence


As of today’s (16/1/19) update buses L3 and UL16 have been added to the feed, being rail replacements for Chingford/Liverpool Street and Romford/Stratford, respectively. There are also appropriate entries in the /Line/Timetable feed.

Is this a first step in adding all rail replacements to the feed? If so, will they appear in (I guess) the Temporary Bus Change notices at the appropriate dates?

In the absence of anything else, there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to distinguish them from real bus services.

I note that, as a consequence, they are also in the bus map section of the Tfl website and appear to be regular services.


That’s brilliant, thanks!


I can see UL16 and UL40 in the current Datastore file, cunningly disguised as L16U and L40U. UL14 has also appeared in the past. Can’t see UL3. Are we looking at different sources?

My impression BTW is that the UL routes appear in mapping applications whether or not they are in the Datastore file but I could be wrong on that.

An oddity in the current Datastore zip file is that the Heritage service on the 15 has been badged as “15” rather than “15H”.


Hi Mike,

It really was an L3, not a UL3 in yesterday’s update, no idea why (using /Line/Mode/Route to get the list of lines and then /Line/Route/Sequence to get the details).


How odd! Definitely UL40 in the Datastore zip file downloaded on Tuesday evening and no L3 visible.

The most recent Working Timetables available have UL16 as Romford-Stratford and UL40 as Chingford - Hackney Downs. UL3 is down as Clapham Junction-Surrey Quays. I wonder if L3 is what is shown on the bus for UL40 (which is supposed to be an internal number only)?


Following the update dated 22/1/2019, both L3 and UL16 have been removed froom the feed. Guess we just mark it down to a temporary aberration