Reporting Plan a Journey Site Errors?

I’ve searched where to report errors and I can’t find it so I thought I’d try here?

In the ‘Plan a Journey’ I type ‘e15 4rp’ and I am offered ‘Chopwell Close, London E15 4RP, UK’ which is correct.

I then put in some destination … e.g. w3 9ad’, so it looks like this :-
Chopwell Close, London E15 4RP, UK
Carbery Avenue, London W3 9AD, United Kingdom
Wednesday 30th Aug, 15:30

I then get 'We found more than one location matching ‘ChIJsWOqsYun2EcR2mIN0OknJLM’ and a load of options starting with ‘Hillingdon, Air China, Haethrow, Terminal 2’.


Hi Martin,

I’m aware that we had a front-end bug a while ago which was taking the google place ID and sending that to journey planner rather than the associated lat-long. We thought that we had fixed this - can you clear your local cache and let me know if it’s still an issue.

James Evans
Technology Service Operations, TfL

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Hi James, Thanks for your response. I had that in both Edge and Chrome. Cleared Cookies & Other Site Data. Now works fine in both. Patrick