Rolling stock Specifications?

Hello. Im making some LU lines for RailwayOperationSimulator. Can i please get some technical specs for LU Rolling stock, mainly maximum braking and motor power on whole train?

Welcome @Knedlik might be a good place for that info.

If you want some real world data, this diagram shows the different lines and their measured acceleration and braking

Thanks, but i need max braking and acceleration power. I can’t read that out, and i need it for all stock.


My measurements got acceleration at +0.560m/s² and the breaking was -0.386m/s² for all types of underground train I measured.

The main differences in operation is that some lines (Met) have enough distance between stations to usefully use a higher speed. If you need more details I can dig out the data.

Here’s the spreadsheet of data with real-world measurements,!AvylRSGUkXTWrmioKClNnJUq2oIZ

Sorry for my mistake. I meant braking and acceleration power (te and kw).

OK. I’m sure that it’s a simple measure of F = ma. says the (unladen) mass of that stock is 197.3 tonnes,

Force when accelerating is 197300 x 0.560 = 110488 N
Force when breaking is 197300 x -0.386 = -76157.8 N

( 1 kW = 1000 newton meter/second)

Am I getting closer?

Thanks, but i need the max braking power in Te

No idea what they are.

Wkiipedia also seems not to know of a Te unit.

I was going to guess Tesla but that’s just a single T and does not seem to be applicable in the context.

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Te = Tractive Effort.

It’s a force, supplied by the motors and limited by the friction available between wheel and rail. I wouldn’t know where to find typical values for LU. I’ve been led to understand that these days, train performance is generally limited by comfort level for standing passengers, rather than the capability of the rolling stock.


Thanks for the useful definition. It’s very, very specialist, so I hope it comes up on Only Connect!