Route 31 arrivals data not available

A user has reported that route 31 is no longer reporting on countdown. I also checked the TfL website and noticed that no arrivals data is available on the 31 route. Can you please investigate?

Same for route 483. Both routes had fresh sets of working timetables last weekend, dated 27th April. Both also had fresh Datastore files last week, which normally ought to mean that everything is in sync and predictions available, but in each case they are shown as starting on 4th May. I have a nasty feeling it is case of dates not matching up properly, leaving a gap (in this case) of a week. In which case the good news would be that it ought to sort itself out next weekend.

hi @mjcarchive @Mulder

I’ve raised this with my colleagues in the support team for iBus/Countdown.

We’ll let you know once we have some feedback.


update: We’ve been informed that these 2 routes changed garage in the middle of an iBus base data version cycle. The team are expecting this to be fixed on Sunday 4 May.

My understanding is that the 31 did not change garage last weekend (but will this weekend). New bus working timetables were loaded last weekend which showed a garage reallocation which didn’t happen. Hence, presumably a mismatch between schedule loaded and that operated, and no Countdown data.

The 483 is not changing garage at all as far as I know. The issue, I think, was that temporary schedules were loaded last weekend but they are not actually due to come in until next weekend. Similar mismatch, though for a different detailed reason.

So it seems to me that it is more that what was expected to happen didn’t happen.