Route 4 data missing at EE stop

Thanks @jamesevans for investigating.

The reply you received is confusing because it could imply that the K4 is on a planned one stop diversion ending 27 January.

Before Xmas I sat on several K4s stopped at D1 despite the system showing it on diversion. Right now the system shows normal real time arrivals for all the other routes serving that stop including the K1 which at that point follows exactly the same route as the K4.

Another one to add:

153/inbound: insert Moorgate Station/B after Liverpool Street Station

Another one:

189 data missing at Priory Road (490011237N)

Two more:

High Road Leyton / Bakers Arms/EC - insert after Leyton Green
Church Lane/- insert after Addison Road

hi @Ajebz - this is now appearing in the route.

189 data missing at Priory Road (490011237N)

Hi @jamesevans

I’m seeing only 139 arrivals -


Hi @Ajebz - I concur. that element will need a datafix in the source system for iBus/Countdown and we’ll get that arranged.

many thanks,

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Two more with no arrivals:

61 - Loop Road (490009356M)

213 - Gordon Road (4900018701N)

Another two:

40 - Westmoreland Road (490014501L)

189 - Priory Road (490011237N)