Route 4 data missing at EE stop

Hi! how do I report missing data about the Route 4 southbound at Highbury Grove (Stop EE)

It doesn’t show up at the bus stop indicator or and any of the bus stop apps me and my neighbours use. It’s been quite a few months now and is slightly frustrating!

hi @Highbury4user

Do you mean Highbury Barn Stop EE?


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Hi @jamesevans

That’ll be the bunny - the stop is missing from /Line/Route/Sequence. It is but one example of what appears to be a general problem where stops are removed while closed due to local infrastructure works, but not replaced at the end of such works. I’ve got another 20-30 instances in my database

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Thanks @nickp - please do send them over!

We’ll have a look at Highbury Barn with the Bus Data Performance team.

Here you are - the date is the date of my observation:

Seq Line Dir Date Stop Station Id Code Comment
160 4 S 07/10/2023 Highbury Barn EE insert after Highbury Grange
28 39 E 05/08/2018 Clapham Junction Station 490001069D D wrong stop should be C
149 81 W 06/08/2023 Sutton Lane - insert after Crown Close
119 95 W 15/09/2022 Hanger Lane Station J insert after Lynwood Road (i.e. before Hanger Lane Station / K)
45 117 W 23/04/2019 Staines Police Station 40004402124A M wrong direction stop or wrong letter - see next
46 117 E 23/04/2019 Staines Police Station 40004402124C U wrong direction stop or wrong letter - see previous
130 129 S 08/05/2023 `Calvert Street - insert after Marlton Street
131 144 W 18/06/2023 Turnpike Lane Bus Station R insert after Turnpike Lane Station
138 153 S 13/07/2023 Finsbury Park Interchange 490000083H H wrong stop, should be G
120 195 NW 18/09/2022 Romney Road - insert after Charville Academy
136 209 N 12/07/2023 Barnes High Street - insert after Barnes Bridge Station
135 225 S 02/07/2023 Lower Road / Plough Way - insert after Lower Road / Surrey Quays Station
38 257 S 04/01/2019 Stratford Bus Station 490012904N AP either wrong stop or insert Stratford Bus Station/P before it
41 265 S 23/03/2019 Roehampton Lane / Danebury Avenue 490003134M M visited a second time after Shawford Court
141 339 W 20/07/2023 Chobham Road L insert after Edith Road
137 378 E 12/07/2023 Barnes High Street 0 insert after Barnes Bridge Station
162 394 E 07/10/2023 New North Road PL insert after Cropley Street
163 394 E 07/10/2023 Baring Street 490003601N2 XE not on route
164 394 E 07/10/2023 Eagle Wharf Road 490006289S XL not on route
165 394 E 07/10/2023 Crondell St / Hoxton Street Market PU insert after Pitfield Street
21 397 E 24/06/2018 The Broadway 1500IM1055 - stop not on outbound route - bus goes on stand before this
159 415 N 09/09/2023 Kennington Park M insert after St Mark’s Church
110 425 E 15/04/2022 Stratford Bus Station AP insert after Stratford High St Stn / Carpenters Rd
133 452 N 24/06/2023 Hyde Park Corner Station M insert after Hyde Park Corner
468 S 30/03/2019 Borough Road 490003871DS - stop is not a pickup point
157 468 S 28/08/2023 Croydon Flyover KN insert after Park Street/KJ
122 492 W 01/12/2022 Brentfield Road - insert after Milestone Road
83 B15 E 05/09/2019 Rochester Way / Welling Way S insert after Rochester Way / Falconwood Station
85 B16 W 06/09/2019 Wingfield School - insert after Moorehead Way / Weigall Road
158 EL3 N 30/08/2023 Longreach Road - insert after Radford Way
154 K4 S 26/08/2023 Eden Street D1 insert after Norbiton Church / Tiffin Boys School
166 R70 W 06/11/2023 Mortlake Road G insert after Chalkers Corner
167 R70 W 06/11/2023 Manor Grove H insert after Mortlake Road
96 W16 N 04/01/2020 Lea Bridge Road / Bakers Arms EC insert after Leyton Green
95 W19 E 03/01/2020 Low Hall Manor Business Centre - insert after Argall Avenue Industrial Estate
146 W19 W 25/07/2023 Low Hall Manor Business Centre - insert after Barn Croft Primary School

Thanks Nick - we’ll look into these and get back to you

The interesting thing about Highbury Barn is that arrivals are shown for the other routes, so there is inconsistency. While the 4 is obviously wrong as the stop has been open for some time, it’s not clear to me whether it being shown for the other routes is because the reinstatement has been performed correctly or because it was never removed from the sequences for those routes in the first place when they should have been.

Hi @jamesevans,

Could 115 be same issue as 4, for Bazely Street (490003701C). I remember it served Bazely Street, and now it has been removed. -
(Between Chrisp Street Market / All Saints DLR and Brunswick Road)

Great thanks, will it take long?

@jamesevans , I’ve just realised that I missed 81/outbound: insert Sutton Lane after The Toby (even after the long discussion in another thread)

And, @jamesevans, add
P12 | outbound | 18 Nov 2023 | Southwark Park | C | insert after Neptune Street / St Olave’s Estate

hi @Highbury4user - for Highbury Barn, route 4, we’ve reinstated it into the API route sequence. The iBus release tonight should resolve the missing predictions. I’ll check it out in the morning tomorrow.


@Highbury4user It doesn’t appear to have worked for the predictions. I’ll follow up further on the 4.

Hi @jamesevans,

Could the team look into the route K4 at Eden Street? (490006412D1)
I think K4 is stopping at this stop with no predictions and the stop missing in the route sequence like the 4.

I’ve also noticed the 115 restored serving Bazely Street. Thanks for quick fix!


I used the K4 today and can confirm the error. The K4 correctly used Eden Street and stopped at 490006412D1 but there are still no predictions. The TfL website map plots the diversion route used when Eden Street is closed southbound. The onboard computer showed an “on diversion” display while in Eden Street, returning to normal at the next stop.

Thanks @Ajebz - we’ll have a look at that also


38/outbound: add Northchurch Road/EH after Essex Road / Marquess Road
188/outbound: add Tunnel Avenue/MP after Boord Street

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SL6/outbound: insert Lakeview Road/- after Crown Point / Knights Hill

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A month on and 490006412D1 is still missing from the K4 route. Did anyone investigate?

hi @misar

sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We were waiting for an update on Eden Street from the bus data team who were investigating the situation.They have provided this update for us regarding the official schedule:

Route K4 towards Mansfield Park will be restored back to serving stop D1 in Eden Street from 27 January.

Many thanks,