Service alert: Issues with DLR arrivals data


We are currently experiencing an issue with the live arrivals data for the DLR. This is currently missing from the API service due to a technical fault. We have logged this with our teams who are investigating as a high priority.


TfL Webteam


Are there any updates on this issue?


This issue has just been resolved. Apologies for the inconvenience.


Can confirm that it’s now working for me (for my specific use case)

Many thanks!


Seems to have stopped working again?


Same for me. In fact, all unified API arrivals across TFL rail, overground and DLR are returning null


Hmm … I’m using

Tube and bus are fine, but DLR is returning an empty array …

> curl


Apologies for the delayed response. Unfortunately the API service was missing DLR and Overground predictions due to a technical fault. This has now been resolved. Tube and bus arrivals information remained fully available however. Thanks.