Seven Sisters Platform 4

I went to Platform 4 but it said on the wall “Trains do not depart here!” plus the board says “Check Front of Train”.Why does this platform even exist??

Is this the platform that is used to drop off passengers from trains that are going out of service at the Seven Sisters depot?

It probably has a Next Train indicator as a hangover from the days when trains routinely terminated at Seven Sisters before returning towards Brixton. Now, most trains go to Walthamstow unless they are going out of service.

I guess the indicator remains so that the platform could be used in emergency or engineering works.

I don’t believe it is a passenger platform as I was the only one on the platform .I might go to that Platform again.

But I believe your right about the Seven Sister Depot - Northumberland Park.
It is a mile away from Seven Sister,I think you could be right but I don’t think passengers are dropped off there.

The platform you describe sounds very much like one I alighted from a few weeks ago. I remember seeing the “trains do not stop here” sign after the train departed. Clearly, that one did :slight_smile:

But I think you might have a long wait at the platform. Most trains go on to Walthamstow these days.

It turns out it wasn’t a passenger platform,considering why only TFL Staff were waiting.I believe it is a staff only to be honest

Lots on this platform here: