Spider maps - more issues

In a recent thread on working timetables, I noted that the spider map links in the TfL Data Bucket used different links from those used on the spider map pages on the TfL website and that the Data Bucket versions were in some cases older than the live ones.

A few weeks down the line the Data Bucket still shows the same versions, with creation date May 28th.

However, checking the live pages tonight, a large proportion of the live spider maps seem to have disappeared completely. For example, there are only three for Barking & Dagenham.

What on earth is going wrong with these static sources?

There was some action on this on 2nd October but it is hard to work out what it was and where we now stand.

There are now 1131 spider maps in the TfL Data Bucket.

Of these 676 were updated on October 2nd.

455 still carry date May 28th.

It is possible that there is some correlation with what is (still) missing from the Spider Maps element of the TfL website, based on a very cursory look at Barking and Barnet.

However, thus cannot be the whole answer. Looking at my “local”, no map for Southgate is available from the Spider Maps website but there are two different maps in the Data Bucket. The map for with the October 2018 creation date carries the date November 2010, while that with the May 2018 creation date carries the date November 2017. So in this case whatever was done on October 2nd has dredged up something from the primeval mud.

The issue of the two different sets of links has presumably not been addressed.

The mess has not changed since my previous posting. Most spider maps still appear to be missing from the TfL website despite being present (with different urls) in the Data Bucket, which has not been further updated.

Is anyone actually looking at this?

Bumping this because nothing has changed.

Is TfL really content that (for example) its website shows only three spider maps for the borough of Barking and Dagenham? The lack of response would seem to indicate so.