Station Footfall by the hour?

Hi all,

I was wondering if TfL issues the station footfall by the hour? Or at least by Early/Midday/Evening/Late?

I was looking through the crowding data (, it seems like they only publish the station footfall by date. And the NUMBAT datasets only contain the average/typical data for a year.

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You may be interested in our Crowding APIs:

Although they do not provide absolute numbers, the data is broken down into 15 minute intervals.

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Thank you for the reply!

I had a look and I’m struggling to get around as I’m not familiar with APIs. To give more context, I want to use this data for a machine learning project.

Is It possible to get the 15min crowding data for all stations (or at least a single station) for each day of the year, for several years, as csv/xlsx file(s) through this API?

In terms of historical data, the Crowding API only provides an indication of what an average week looks like. So you can see the average crowding level between 09:16 and 09:30 on a Tuesday in general, but not for a specific Tuesday 30 April, for example.

We do also provide the live crowding level of stations as they are right now, and it may be possible to make period requests and log how this changes over time. But it’s not possible to retrieve historical data this way.