Station signage giving directions, particularly exits signs

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Walking to the right street-level exit from a platform can be tricky, especially if you have to make the choice whether to go left or right when exiting the train.

Is there a database of signage? For example, at Aldgate East Station, some of the the signs include:

  • Way out | to Toynbee Hall (on platform, older sign)
  • High Street, Leman Street (near stairs, platform end, contemporary)
  • Exit 1, High Street (south side), Leman Street, Conference forum (contemporary)

Typically a sign like this is also present:

  • Line, Eastbound/Westbound platform 1/2

I’ve checked the open data (Our open data - Transport for London) and while it includes the locations of exits, the exit label is not present (i.e., e.g., the databases do not contain the actual exit label: “Exit 1, High Street (south side), Leman Street, Conference forum”).

Do you know where to find this?

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Two possible options:

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