Stations Missing From Facilities Feed


The feed is missing some stations (for instance West Croydon which was connected in roughly 2010). The PublishDateTime in the feed indicates that it was last updated in Feb. 2010, although the documentation says that it is updated daily. Is there a plan to refresh this feed?

If not, is it possible to get a list of all stations (tube and DLR) on the network? I cannot find any way to do this in the unified API, only to search by partial names or to get the nearest one to a point.


#2 is your friend here, the data in there is up-to-date.


Thanks - I was able to use the mode options to get what I needed. Had to filter out a lot though just to get the stations and ignore entrances etc.

Shame that the stations/facilities feed is so out of date, as you kind of have to fight the API to get just station data. The API is (I think) more geared towards finding nearest points, routing and current conditions rather than the relatively static station list I need.