Stop sequence on maps and journey planner are different - Bus E6 towards Bulls Bridge

On this link E6 bus route - Transport for London
The stop sequence differs from that on the trip planner Journey results - Transport for London

Which sequence is accurate?

Also what is the difference between these stop symbols: ![image|82x139]

Thank you!

They’re the same - look down 3 stops further in the 1st picture

Hi Nick

Thanks for replying.
What about the stop sequence between Jollys Lane.

  • In the first picture Jollys Lane > Yeading Tesco > Jollys Lane.
  • In the second picture: Jollys Lane > Kingash Drive> Yeading Tesco > Pendula Drive > Jollys Lane

I have also looked at the map, and it appears as though the bus does not pass the stop ‘Homefield Close’ on the map but does in the stop sequence:

Sorry, I wasn’t paying enough attention the first time. The 1st sequence is the correct one, i.e. Kingsash/Pendula/Jollys/Yeading/Jollys/Homefield. I suspect something went wrong with the second one due to the loop at this point. Alternatively, the algorithm may be trying to run some sort of Travelling Salesman technique, plotting a shortest path between stops, rather than following line of route.

As far as the location of Homefield Close goes, it is showing correctly on my map, due north of where you have it, on line of route. Might you have a digit wrong somewhere?

Hi Nick

Thank you very much for helping us out with this.
Indeed, I had thought Homefield Close was in another location.

Thank you for your help!