Stoppoint/Search get inbound and outbound stops


I’m using Stoppoint/Search to find stoppoints by common name.
This call returns only one (parent?) stoppoint :Merrivale “topMostParentId”:“490G00009820”

Is it possible to get both inbound and outbound stop in the search call so I get the children (Stop H and Stop J) of this call?




From the data returned, use the lat,lon …


Use a call using ?lat=x&lon=y&radius=300



Hi briantist,
if i search “merr” I get 23 results

  1. Homer Road
  2. Chequers Lane / Merrilands Retail Park,
  3. Merrielands Crescent
  4. Merrimans Corner / Harlington Road

You mean I have to do another 23 calls to get the inbound/outbound pairs?
I have seen apps that return instantly the pairs.
Isn’t there any way to get directly the 46 results?




When I’ve use this in an app, I’ve used a local cache to store the results of the second search (memcached, for example).

The data that you need from the location+service search would change so infrequently, you keep it locally for years without needing to re-check.