StopPoint search not working with latitude/longitude

I get an odd response with the /StopPoint endpoint:


{"$type":"Tfl.Api.Presentation.Entities.ApiError, Tfl.Api.Presentation.Entities","timestampUtc":"2019-10-15T11:18:40.1694997Z","exceptionType":"EntityNotFoundException","httpStatusCode":404,"httpStatus":"NotFound","relativeUri":"/StopPoint?stopTypes=NaptanMetroStation&","message":"Resource not found: http://api:8001/StopPoint?stopTypes=NaptanMetroStation&"}

I don’t think this is related to the type of stop point as this url appears to work:

Is there something I’m doing wrong here, or a better endpoint to use for nearby stop-points?

Looking at my code isn’t it “lat” and “lon” for the params?

    $strTFLurl = "" . $fpNorthing . "&lon=" . $fpEasting . "&stopTypes=NaptanRailStation,NaptanMetroStation&radius=250&useStopPointHierarchy=True&returnLines=True&" . disruptionViews::TFLAPISUFFIX;

Thanks Brian, yes that works correctly.

It looks like the real issue is the OpenAPI/Swagger doc for that endpoint has changed and no longer reflects the API correctly in!/StopPoint/StopPoint_GetByGeoPoint

@ rmasters

I think you’re right. I wrote the code example I posted using the old docs.