StopPoints API question

When calling the stop points API for a certain station, when i access the facilities of the station
I frequently come across data like this:

“‘Facility’, ‘key’: ‘Ticket Halls’, ‘sourceSystemKey’: ‘StaticObjects’, ‘value’: ‘0’”

What does the value of 0 represent? Since usually it should be a yes or a no in place of a 0. Sometimes I’m seeing a value of 7.

Hi, this represents a quantity.

For example, if you make a request for the StopPoint for Aldgate East Underground Station:

You get:

    "category": "Facility",
    "key": "Ticket Halls",
    "sourceSystemKey": "StaticObjects",
    "value": "2"

This is because there are two ticket halls at Aldgate East: Ticket Hall A on the western end, and Ticket Hall B on the eastern end.

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Thank you very much.

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