Superloop map SL9/SL10 issues

I tried using the Superloop map today

and there seems to be CRTICAL information missing from it…

  • SL9/SL10 Harrow is listed, but the STATION is Harrow-on-the Hill and not North Harrow, West Harrow, South Harrow, Harrow & Wealdstone. Sudbury Hill Harrow or Sudbury & Harrow Road.
  • South Harrow is actually on the SL9 but not shown for some reason but is a useful way to the poorly served Sudbury Branch of the Piccadilly line
  • Kenton station is a very short walk from Northwick Park (Met) as shown on the Tube Map but not the Superloop one.
  • Hendon Central is missing two so no interconnect for the Edgware branch of the Northern Line.

The Superloop would be much easier to use if the statiuons where it calls at had a tiny version of

on the Tube Map like this.

ping SarahLS on this too!


Reading the above comments about the TfL Superloop map reminded me that Geoff Marshall has his own version which shows every stop. It is probably more useful for many prospective users and a similar map should be on the TfL website.

More interesting is a question which arises from watching his video of a trip round the entire loop. Looking at the TfL map it already struck me that there must be many users who wish to travel between stops located on two (or even more) segments of the loop. Geoff highlights that changing between SL routes is not always the simple hop off/on you might imagine from the map. Perhaps TfL should give some thought to improving that aspect of the service. Of course, the ideal (and less confusing) option for passengers would be a single loop route served by the same vehicle with driver changes as appropriate. No need to remind me of all the operational issues!