Superloop update: Bus route 607 renamed to SL8 - from 15 July

Alert for bus data users: Bus route 607 renamed to SL8 - from 15 July.

Unified API and TransXChange data have been updated today to support this. Please make sure your apps are showing the correct information for bus users.

Further information:
As part of the first stage of the rollout of Superloop, some existing bus routes are being renamed.
The first route to be renumbered will be route 607, which offers an express service between Uxbridge and White City. It will be called the SL8 from 15 July, with the other three existing routes, which would form part of the proposed Superloop, being renumbered over the summer.

Buses will follow the same timetable and call at the same stops as now, but some of the bus stop names in Acton Vale, Ealing Christchurch, Hayes, Hillingdon Heath and Southall will change to better reflect their locations.

The new route numbers will be accompanied by improved branding and customer information, and we are exploring options for other improvements such as bus priority and service enhancements.