Tech forum for services outside London

I’m always impressed by the technical knowledge and willingness to fix things that are shown on this forum.

My question (by definition off-topic) is can anyone point me towards a similar forum which covers the rest of the UK?

I’m trying to understand some BODS issues with my favourite bus service from Arriva Herts and Essex. The timetables and journey planner information get a bit mangled in third party apps. Grateful for any help, please.

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Hi there,

Of course, TfL can only provide support for TfL data and services.

For technical issues related to BODS, please contact the BODS Help Desk:

If there are issues with the timetables themselves, you may wish to contact the relevant bus operator or local transport authority.

The closest thing to the Tech Forum when it comes to BODS is the official BODS Users Discord server:

I hope this helps.

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I suppose anyone with the time and inclination could create an unofficial BODS user group. I am not a BODS user so don’t look at me!

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Thanks @LeonByford. I have now joined the BODS Users Discord server and I’m lurking to see what it’s all about. I still need to analyse the data more thoroughly before I contact DfT.

Thanks for your help.