Temporary Wandsworth route 728 - no real-time information?

As the title says…

Presumably we need to wait until Friday for the vehicles on this route to start tracking?


On a related theme, I am wondering how users of my local 125 route are supposed to get travel info while the route is diverted away from a mile or more of its current routeing. We are supposed to have a diverted 456 along our road but this does not show up as calling at the 125 stops. As the 456 diversion adds at least 10 minutes to the journey, the published timetable must be shot to pieces so it is makes the half hourly service (nothing in the evenings, hourly on Sundays) next to useless. (Not serving Southgate Station itself, no doubt to avoid adding even more journey time, makes it pretty useless anyway but that’s another story.)

The 728 schedule can be found at
for what it is worth. New schedules for the 28 dated 24th have also been produced but for some reason they are unchanged from the old, that is they still show the service running across the bridge to Wandsworth, which is physically impossible.

Oh, and for good measure the 407 is split at Purley for several weeks so must have a new schedule, mustn’t it? Oh no it hasn’t. This is probably why London Vehicle Finder can currently only show one bus on the route. So is there any live info for the Caterham leg?

Note that this all the above planned work that will last six weeks or more, not emergency work. And I thought that every journey was a supposed to matter!

Any insight into this would be incredibly useful as the route or it’s vehicles are not showing up anywhere that I can see right now. The point of real-time information is that it should be real-time, not 5 days later. If there is a temporary route planned, can’t the system be updated ahead of time to start showing information when the buses are actually running?

Hi - I’ve spoken to my colleagues who look after iBus & Countdown. They advised that there was an issue with the release of the iBus data for this route. It’s currently under investigation and I’ll provide an update when I know more.



The route is now visible on countdown, but the Fulham Broadway buses are showing as Kensal Rise.

How about the 407, 125 and 456?

It would be good if there was a TfL hosted page that displayed a list of all valid TfL bus routes, the expected PVR at the time of day the page is viewed and the current number of vehicles seen in the Countdown / Unified API(s).



I’m baffled. New bus WTTs for 28, 295 and C3, all of which are curtailed for several weeks north of Wandsworth Bridge, yet the WTTs all show the bog standard service running through to Wandsworth or Clapham Junction. Maybe they have been generated automatically but what’s the point of them?

No WTTs for the split 407 or the heavily diverted 125/456, both of which are long term.

Hi @Mulder

This has been raised with the Bus Data Configuration team.


Ref: 894717

Could you ask them why the electronic blinds on the 295’s buses are showing “Wandsworth Bridge SOUTH SIDE”? :wink:

(Taken last Friday)

Surely a benefit of electronic blinds is the ability to easily update them…?