TFL balance refund

Hello everyone, I absolutely need your help, I am non-British (French) and I came in December 2023 for a weekend in London. I opted for automatic tolling for LEZ/ULEZ fees. TFL charged me more than 1000 pounds!!! After a complaint, they credited me with a balance of 900 pounds on my TFL account following an error but it was impossible to get a refund from my bank account. I have been trying to make complaints for 3 months and the necessary work is in progress but What should I do to ensure that my request for reimbursement to my bank account is processed? Help me please


Google sayeth Taking your complaint further - Transport for London

thank you for your answer, what should i do now ?

This I think EU motorist fined almost £11,000 after falling foul of London Ulez rule | London | The Guardian or How Belgian MP turned sleuth to solve London Ulez fine mystery | Low emission zones | The Guardian might be helpful.

yes but the problem is not there, because after having made a complaint with TFL. They reimbursed 900 pounds but in the form of balances on the TL account I just want a reimbursement on my bank account

I suggest you use this online form to explain that you were an overseas visitor to London and do not wish to leave a positive balance in your TfL account. Request a refund of the balance and provide details of the credit card or bank account used for your payment so that they can make the refund to the same account.

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Hello, I have just done what is necessary with the link you sent me. I hope to hear back because I have made so many complaints which are still being processed.